Sean Reyes

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

“That leaves Reyes on his own now, fighting to undo the will of Utah voters, the Legislature and the governor by overturning the Affordable Care Act. And make no mistake, if the lawsuit is successful, all of it would go away.”

— Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune Columnist

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is wasting taxpayer money on a lawsuit that would cause more than 100,000 Utahns to lose their health care coverage, and strip protections for pre-existing conditions from even more Utah families.


Utahns would lose their health care coverage
Utahns with pre-existing conditions would lose their protections

As an elected official, Sean Reyes should be protecting Utah families, but instead he’s actively fighting in court to take away their health care.

Sean Reyes should remove Utah from the lawsuit and guarantee health care coverage for Utah families.

Join thousands of Utahns in demanding Attorney General Sean Reyes stop attacking health care for Utah families.